The benefits of being an international student at Manchester

Jia Ying (Chloe).Jia Ying (Chloe) is an international student on the MPharm Pharmacy course at Manchester. Here, she talks about the fun things international students can look forward to for their time in Manchester.

I spent my entire life in Penang, Malaysia before deciding to start a new chapter of my life at The University of Manchester.

Other than surviving pharmacy school, I spend a lot of my time exploring England and its wonders. My guilty pleasures include 70s discos and overpriced lattes in aesthetic cafes.

As an international student, I understand that coming to a foreign place far away from home can be overwhelming. Not to mention the long list of documents and things you have do before you even step foot in the country.

When you start your adventure, there are many things to look forward before you start your university life. Here are some tips to start you off!


Christmas season in England is what I look forward to the most. Get your furcoats ready because you’ll definitely be needing them.

The annual Christmas market is what excites me the most. From mulled wine to giant Yorkshire pudding wraps, you can find whatever you want at the market.


Going to university means you’ll be meeting people from different cultures from all over the world.

In my opinion, sharing your background and culture through food is one of the best things yet! From Korean to Norwegian food, there is plenty of choice in Manchester. Good food is the best way into people’s hearts!

A food stall at the Manchester Christmas market.
A food stall at the Manchester Christmas market.

Studying in Manchester has opened my eyes to a lot of new cultures and wonderful friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

My last advice to everyone is to step out of your comfort zone. Do things that you never imagined yourself doing and you might surprise yourself! Take care and have fun!

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