Do You See Me?: A Black History Month Panel

Black Pharmacists Collective (BPC) in collaboration with The University of Bradford are hosting a panel discussion with a range of Healthcare Professionals. This event is being held on Wednesday 28th October 2020 from 6-8pm and it is open to any Black healthcare students and young, early career professionals. FREE TICKETS are available HERE.

The Black Pharmacists Collective (BPC) are group of University of Manchester students who are seeking to close the attainment gap between white students and BAME students in higher education. Founded in 2019, the group have gone from strength to strength and recently picked up a Making a Difference Award for the work they have done.

This event, which is titled: ‘Do You See Me?’, stems from the lack of representation that young Black healthcare students and early career professionals face when entering and exploring the realms of their chosen fields. The BPC are aiming to bring the very capable and inspirational Black professionals to the forefront so that whoever needs access to their insight can have just that.

The discussion will follow the exploration of some key themes:

  • Experience in education
  • Being Black in the workplace
  • What changes need to be made now
  • Advice to the future generation

Attendees will have opportunities to bring forth their own questions and we will delve into the topics that everyone really wants to know about.

Our panelists so far are:

  • Ade Williams, Pharmacist
  • Dr Omon Imohi, General Practitioner
  • Dr Denham Phipps, Lecturer

Don’t forget to grab you FREE TICKET HERE

Find out more about BPC

Twitter: @BPCollective_

Instagram: @blackpharmacistscollective_

Facebook: Black Pharmacists Collective

LinkedIn: Black Pharmacists Collective


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