Welcome Week: My Experience of Psychology at The University of Manchester

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Ahead of Welcome Week 2019, we wanted to talk to some of our currents students and recent graduates about their time studying at the University of Manchester. Callum Mogridge hasn’t long since finished his BSc in Psychology and is now working as a Research Assistant for our very own Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health.

Callum has done it all during his studies: working as a Pedagogy and Staff Development Intern, Applications Adviser and Wellbeing Champion; a Correspondent for Psychreg and not only a Senior Student Ambassador but a representative for Student Development and Community Engagement, as well as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion also.

Unsurprisingly, he won a Stellify award for his efforts and certainly looks to continue being a star. Hear what he had to say about his jam-packed time studying at Manchester…

During my time at The University of Manchester studying Psychology, I have managed to learn and achieve a great deal. I have never been one to have a lot of confidence, but I can say with great certainty that my time studying Psychology with such a great university has definitely changed that.

Even beyond the usual ‘Freshers’ festivities, the Psychology programme and University as a whole hold lots of events throughout Welcome Week to help people ease into university life, which is especially useful for mature students or those living at home, like me. I felt very well catered to throughout my three years studying Psychology here.

ORIENTATION WEEKThe University of Manchester offers more than a first-class education at a top Russell Group University, it offers you plentiful opportunities to develop both personally and professionally. I feel I have come a long way over the last three years and am able to use all of the experience I have gained in order to apply for new opportunities going forward.

Psychology is taught by experts in the field. The term ‘research-intensive’ is thrown around a lot and has a habit of putting people off: it basically means that you’ll be taught by some of the leading experts in Psychological Sciences. This includes more than just Clinical Psychology: it encompasses Developmental Psychology, Health Psychology, Organisational Psychology – which I am studying as an MSc in September – and many more that can be followed through right up to a master’s level.

The University of Manchester is also excellent at listening to the student voice. I remember some years ago when I was at college and looking at a lot of top-tier universities, I felt as though many of them were just there to teach and do research and didn’t prioritise the student experience. This university topped them all for me.

There are Student-Staff Liaison Committees where students can relay course feedback, Teaching & Learning Panels and Programme Committees where students can have an input on course development and assessments, and you can run in elections to represent a Faculty or even become one of our Executive Students’ Union Officers:

Chloe Salins, a recent Psychology graduate (bottom right), has been elected as the Executive Education Officer: she represents over 30,000 students on all matters regarding teaching, learning and student experience. This is just a snapshot of how our university caters to the student experience and the opportunities available to you from day one.

Psychology offers an excellent Peer Mentoring Scheme too. Eva (who is the Lead Student Coordinator for 2019/2020) is an amazing student who will make you feel well looked after in this coming academic year. I was offered the amazing opportunity to turn the Peer Mentoring Scheme into something great by taking up the roles of Advanced Student Coordinator and Lead Student Coordinator for two years running.

I developed lots of skills, all of which look amazing on professional platforms, whether that be LinkedIn or your typical CVs and covering letters. You have the opportunity to be involved as a Coordinator or a Peer Mentor to lead, run events, work with others, and develop your skills – this can even be done through professional accreditation.


All in all, Psychology at Manchester offers a great deal. There is only so much I can write in one blog (though I have done a few now!) but I would encourage you to get in touch with the University with any queries. As a Senior Ambassador for the School of Health Sciences, I am happy to provide campus tours and answer any of your questions: simply get in touch with admissions – ug.psychology@manchester.ac.uk – and they will try their hardest to make it happen.


P.S – Enjoy Welcome Week! #HelloUom


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