A day in the life on audiology placement

Year 2 Healthcare Science (Audiology) student Daniel Monks reveals what he gets up to over the course of a day in clinic…


I arrive at placement nice and early to catch up with colleagues, check the timetable for the day and get set up for the morning.


The morning starts off with first-assessments. These appointments involve taking a history, checking each patient’s ears and testing their hearing in a sound-proof booth.

From there, it’s a patient centred approach; taking the time to discuss situations that they may be struggling with and agreeing on a rehabilitation plan to best suit them.


The next few appointments are reassessments. This means retesting existing patients’ hearing and discussing how to adapt their management plan to optimise their rehabilitation.


Lunch time!


The early afternoon involves hearing aid fittings; issuing hearing aids suited to the patient and the specific problems that they are having.

The hearing aids are programmed and everything the patient needs to know about the hearing aids is explained to them.


The late afternoon consists of follow-up appointments. Patients fitted with hearing aids come back in to address any problems or questions that they might have.


All appointments done and time to head home!

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