How my MSc in Genomic Medicine has enabled me to travel the world!

Travelling the world is something that’s most graduates dream of doing at some point in their lives. For those lucky few who get to do it, they often have to sacrifice possible work commitments to through with it. However, not all…

Here, MSc Genomic Medicine graduate, Bradley Horn, talks us through his life in genomic medicine from studying at Manchester to working for Elucigene Diagnostics, where travelling in the world came hand in hand with the nature of his work. 

What inspired me to go down Genomic Medicine….

I studied an undergraduate degree in Genetics and once I had graduated, I managed to get a job as a Genetic Technologist at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester. My undergraduate course was quite broad and covered a wide range of topics within biology, some of which I didn’t enjoy. Working in a diagnostic laboratory re-ignited my interests in human genetics by being part of a healthcare pathway improving the life of patients with the use of genomics.

Whilst working, the opportunity to study an MSc in Genomic Medicine presented itself. For me this was a no brainer. I was passionate about genomics, wanted to learn more about it and knew the course would enhance my opportunities for career progression. Since graduating back in 2016, I received a promotion in my previous role to a Senior Genetic Technologist and have since moved on to start work for a biotechnology company that produce genetic in-vitro diagnostic assays.

brad picture

My Job title is……

I am a Technical Sales and Business Development Specialist at Elucigene Diagnostics.

My route to this role….

I graduated from the University of Leeds in 2013 with a BSc in Genetics and then started work as a Genetic Technologist in St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester. I took a 10 month career break in October 2015 in order to study the MSc in Genomic Medicine full time. Most other students continued to work full time whilst studying for the course part time using annual leave to attend teaching. After I returned to work, I was promoted to a Senior Genetic Technologist. This involved me managing the cell culture and karyotyping team in the lab which was an invaluable experience for me. In August 2017, I began working for Elucigene Diagnostics as a Technical Sales and Business Development Specialist. Elucigene Diagnostics are a globally recognised manufacturer of in-vitro diagnostic assays. My experience from my previous role combined with my knowledge from the Genomic Medicine course proved invaluable for my current job role.

My day starts at…..

My day typically starts around 08:30. We operate a flexi-time policy so I am free to work hours that suit me when required. Given the nature of my role, I am occasionally required to work outside ‘normal’ working hours in order to communicate with accounts on the other side of the world or when travelling to site visits and conferences.

shutterstock_644140900 (1).jpg

Day to day…..

I manage multiple accounts in over 20 different countries worldwide, so keeping on top of your workload is essential. My day starts by checking my task list which will tell me what actions I have outstanding, what actions I have in progress and what actions I have scheduled. These actions include the following:

  • Providing Technical Support:
    • Customers using our kits may require technical support from time to time. It is our responsibility to ensure we help them with their enquiry and provide them with a solution in a timely manner. This can involve looking at data and results for the customer in order to identify areas they could change in order to optimise their assay.
    • Customers that are new to the kit may require support implementing the assay. Depending on the expertise in their lab, this could be done independently, with remote support from Elucigene or by Elucigene travelling to the laboratory to support them in person.
  • Identifying leads and formulating sales strategies.
    • This involves identifying laboratories that perform the testing that we provide solutions for. As Sales Specialists, we will contact these professionals and discuss the benefits to using our assays and try to get them to implement our these testing kits in their laboratories.
  • Business Development:
    • This involves keeping up to date with scientific literature and advances made in research and the diagnostic industry. From this we can develop new product ideas that can expand our current testing portfolio and provide superior diagnostic solutions for patients.
  • Conferences:
    • We often attend scientific conferences around the world. This is to keep up to date with current research and advances in the industry. It also provides us with an opportunity to display and discuss our products to with huge number of relevant professionals.

Best part of my job…..

The best part of my job is that I get to travel around the world and learn about different healthcare systems and cultures across many countries. It also gives me the opportunity to visit countries that I perhaps wouldn’t travel to ordinarily.


Worst part of my job…….

The worst part of my job is chasing up customers and potential leads. Getting a reply to an email is often more difficult than you might think! Being a Sales Specialist means that getting through to the relevant person can often require quite a lot of work and resilience, but is rewarding when you finally do and form a relationship with them.

In my free time…..

I really enjoy watching football. I use the term ‘enjoy’ loosely as I am a Leeds United fan which makes it feel like more of a chore! At weekends I enjoy taking long drives into the countryside or playing my guitar until my fingers hurt! I also love to go out and socialise – I might as well make the most of it whilst I am still young (ish)!!



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