A week in the life of a medic. Thursday – Sunday

Last week, first year Medical student Tahmeena Amin talked us through the first part of a typical week in her life. This week, she takes us through the second part! 


This morning I had my final clinical placement of the first year of medical school! Time really does fly! The placement was at the MRI which was SO convenient because it’s literally a 10 minute walk from my flat, if that! This was my first time visiting the MRI (my previous hospital placements have been in Preston and Wythenshawe) and I really enjoyed it. They even have a cool common room in the hospital education centre for students!

The aim of this visit was to perform a clinical skill on a patient and today we practiced taking blood pressure manually on real patients on the wards. Previously, we’ve practiced taking blood pressure on each other in our physiology and pharmacology practicals, but doing it on an actual patient was a completely new experience. It was, of course, more pressured than when I’ve taken blood pressure off my peers, but I loved it all the same, and for the first time I felt like a proper medical student with a stethoscope in hand!

This evening I attended another society event – this time it was a talk about the Ottoman empire. I’ve always enjoyed history so I found this talk really interesting. Before attending I had a very limited knowledge about the ottoman empire so I definitely learnt a thing or two!

After the event, me and my flatmates (who also attended) went out to eat at a local restaurant that we’d never tried before. The food was lovely and I’d definitely eat there again.

Thursday food


It’s the last day before the Easter holidays! I was supposed to finish at 3 today but my PPD portfolio session was cancelled so I finished earlier!

Much like Mondays, my Fridays start with my 9 AM PBL* session. During this session we discuss the answers to the learning agenda questions as a group and I note down anything that is mentioned in the discussion that I don’t have in my notes. After the session, I added the points that I noted down to my own set of notes whilst enjoying a cup of coffee!

At 11 I had a meeting with my PEP group and my PEP tutor. We discussed our poster, how we are going to do it and what the layout it going to be etc. We’ve agreed that we will all have our sections of the poster sorted over the Easter break and have arranged a meeting on the week we come back to compile everything and do the formatting.

After my meeting I went back to my flat, had some lunch and sorted out a few things before getting my stuff together and then setting off home for the Easter break…(I managed to get my favourite seat on the bus too – on the top deck at the very front!)

Friday bus


I come home on the weekends – I think I’d probably go insane if I didn’t, it’s a nice break away from the stresses of university life. Saturdays are my lazy day – I normally wake up really late, and when I mean late I mean at about 12 pm (sometimes later). I think I deserve it seen as I don’t have any lie ins during the week, even on Tuesdays when I could if I wanted! This Saturday has been slightly different, seen as it’s the first weekend of the Easter holidays – but I’ll write about what my typical Saturday (and Sunday) looks like!

Once I’m up I’ll have my breakfast (even though its lunch time) and maybe read a book or catch up on any TV shows. If I go out anywhere (ie. to town to do some shopping) it’ll usually be on a Saturday – for example, this Saturday I went out with my dad to pick up some travel-sized items as we’re going abroad during the Easter break.

Later on in the afternoon, I normally begin my anatomy notes using the online anatomy workbook (supplied by the medical school) and various different websites and videos. I try to finish these notes during the weekend so that I can quickly look over them before my anatomy session on Monday afternoon.

In the evening all my aunts and cousins normally come over to my house which is really nice. I love being around my extended family and it’s often nice to talk your stresses away with your family members!

saturday notes


Sundays are either really productive or really lazy – there’s no in between. If I’m totally honest, most of my Sundays are the latter!

I tend to wake up late (again) on Sundays, unless I’ve booked myself an early morning driving lesson, in which case I have no choice but to wake up at unearthly hours – oddly enough, sometimes I prefer this, because once I’m out of bed I’m fine and can make the most out of the day!

Normally at 2 pm I attend a local community centre to provide some extra tuition to a bunch of primary school children. We focus on English and Maths and alternate each week. This week however, tuition was cancelled because it was snowing quite badly where I live so people would be unable to make their way to the centre.

In the evenings, if I’m not feeling too lazy I’ll go swimming at the local leisure centre – I don’t know why I don’t go more often because once I’m there I really enjoy it! I also finish off my anatomy notes in the evening, if I haven’t done so on Saturday.

Later on, I pack all my stuff together and then head off back to Manchester!

To read more about Tahmeena’s life as a medical student at Manchester, visit her personal blog.

*Please note that PBL is currently under review as of April 2022. Facilitated small peer group tutorials will continue, but in a different format.

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