A week in the life of a fourth year Dentistry student

Aneta Korobczuk is a Year 4 student on the BDS Dentistry course at Manchester. Here, she takes us through a typical week on the course. From spending a whole day at a dental surgery in Wythenshawe to attending self-defence classes, Aneta gets up to a lot! 

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Independent study in the morning means I can start the week off right by preparing for my clinics this week. I use this time to go over the treatments I will be carrying out and writing little post-its of what instruments I will need on the day. It was a great organisation tip from a friend in my year group and it makes my clinics a lot less stressful.

In the afternoon, I am on the ground floor restorative clinic in the Dental Hospital. I work together with a colleague from my year group and we take turns every week switching between who is operating and who is assisting. We are always guided and supported by a tutor on every clinic meaning we are never without supervision.

Monday evenings, I attend my regular self-defence class with SMART Manchester. It’s a great way to get some exercise while having fun and learning useful skills!

selfdefence 1


This week in the morning, I am in the oral surgery department in the Dental Hospital where we treat patients who come in for extractions or we observe more complex minor oral surgeries such as surgical extractions of impacted wisdom teeth.

In the afternoon, I go up to the Paediatric department in the Dental Hospital where I regularly see my case patient.

In the evening, I go running with the university running society. It’s a great way to explore Manchester!



Every week on Wednesday mornings we have our lectures followed by Evidence Based Learning(EBL) session. It’s the only opportunity for the whole year group to see each other!

The afternoon is usually free for most students as the University encourages everyone to take this time to take part in various sport activities.

Stopford building


Thursday is my favourite day of the week as I get to spend the whole day at a dental surgery in Wythenshawe with a fantastic team of nurses and tutors! My colleague and I split the day in half between us and take turns in assisting each other. It’s true what they say: love what you do and it doesn’t feel like work!

more tools


Every other week on Friday morning I am in a Dental clinic in Longsight seeing paediatric patients but this week I have Independent study in the morning again. I take this time to use our Clinical skills facility to practice on a set of plastic teeth.

To conclude my week, the afternoon is spent on the ground floor restorative clinic in the Dental Hospital assisting my colleague.

aneta 2

Saturday and Sunday

After a busy week, I am ready for some down time this weekend! Work-life balance is very important!

My friend from Norway is visiting! After catching up all day we meet with our friends in town and absolutely ace the escape room… nearly.

I spend the rest of the weekend catching up with work and relaxing with my cat, Tygsie.

escape room

2 thoughts on “A week in the life of a fourth year Dentistry student

  1. I initially came to the website in the hope of trying trace some old friends and stumbled across your lovely story (to read all the stories from UMDH website) and that the daily routine and buzz is still there!

    I qualified as a Dental Nurse from the Hospital (ssh…..!) in 1985! At the time when the Aids epidemic was at its height (we received much clinical training in this area at that time) happily our understanding and treatment for this awful condition has advanced immeasurably.

    They were very happy (but obviously filled with hard work) days.

    Many friendships formed and experiences gained, and although I’ve now progressed on to an entirely different career (a Librarian/Archivist) at at a National Trust Property) Dentistry has woven a thread thread throughout my life!

    My next door neighbour and long life friend, is a Maxillo Facial Surgeon, and as we know it’s a close knit community, he knew the Surgeons and some of the staff I worked with when I first took up a post as a Max-fax Nurse at Hope Hospital (as it was known then)

    But as you, and the other blogs state, enjoy what you do is central to life; embrace and have a go at all new things, and if it doesn’t work out that’s ok too, we soon find out where we belong.

    And I suppose that’s what I have to thank Manchester Dental Hospital for. I don’t believe it was ever my true calling to be a Dental Nurse, but my experience there taught me a great deal about life and myself.

    I do remember everyone being very kind and supportive, we were encouraged and given every opportunity to be our best.

    I loved my job as a nurse and believe I was a good one, but the experience gave me confidence to go further and follow my dreams🌈

    So thank you Manchester Dental Hospital for the grounding and developing my skills in my early adult years😊📚🌠

    P.s Hearty Congratulations to Ellie Mahler for her nomination, that’s fabulous!


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