A week in the life of a medical student – Friday

Masumah Jannah is a Year 1 student on the Medicine MBChB course at The University of Manchester. Here, she takes us through a day in a recent week of her studies. See posts from the rest of the week to find out more about Masumah’s experience of being a medical student at Manchester.

Stopford facilities


Last day of the week!


We have our closing PBL session. This is where we all discuss our findings, clarify any parts of the case we don’t understand as well as making sure everything’s been done to the right level of detail.


After this session we have a case review lecture which goes over the main learning points. There’s a couple of things I took note of that I could do with adding to my notes after this.


I spend some time editing my PBL notes and adding a few extra pieces of information that I gathered from the group discussion and the lecture.

I’m left with a whole 40 pages of completed notes! PBL is officially done for this week.


I give my flat a quick tidy and start gathering all my things together because I’m going home for the weekend.


I go and wait for my friend to finish her class so we can both make our way home together. While sat there in the Stopford foyer, I realise I’m directly opposite where I sat when I came for my interview less than a year ago.

I remember just how nervous I was and how I was trying to stop myself from shaking. Memories…



On the bus now. I’m preparing for a long journey home with this traffic ahead. I’m planning to sleep the whole way…

Read more about Masumah’s Manchester experience on her own blog, Diary of a Med Student.

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