A week in the life of a medical student – Thursday

Masumah Jannah is a Year 1 student on the Medicine MBChB course at The University of Manchester. Here, she takes us through a day in a recent week of her studies. See posts from the rest of the week to find out more about Masumah’s experience of being a medical student at Manchester…


No time to sleep in today.


I have a session on EBM, which stands for Evidence Based Medicine. It’s all about different types of clinical trials and helping you identify the limitations of studies.

This is a really important skill to develop as in the future you’ll be responsible for making sure you are keeping up-to-date with all the latest advances in medicine.


I made sure to bring my lab coat with me so I can visit the Anatomy resource room. The specimens in this room are changed weekly and contain questions useful for the Anatomy we have covered that week.

Lab coats


Here comes my weekly communication session! This week, the simulated patients act as patients from our PBL cases.

We are able to watch one of these consultations being carried out by a GP and then we have to practice some ourselves. It is quite challenging, but good practice nonetheless.


I’m taking part in a ‘feed the homeless’ walk, so I meet up with a group of people also taking part. Together, we make sandwiches and packed bags of food, which we are going to give out to the homeless.

Food packages


We start walking and handing out our bags of food along the way. We walk all the way to Piccadilly Gardens, which is a very long walk and it is absolutely freezing! But it is definitely worth the experience. It is really amazing being able to talk to some of the people and hear their stories.


Make it back and make myself something to eat…I am absolutely starving! I then decide to sit down and consolidate my Anatomy by making some flashcards. Flashcards are the way!


Read more about Masumah’s Manchester experience on her own blog, Diary of a Med Student.

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