A week in the life of a medical student – Monday

Masumah Jannah is a Year 1 student on the Medicine MBChB course at The University of Manchester. Here, she takes us through a day in a recent week of her studies. See posts from the rest of the week to find out more about Masumah’s experience of being a medical student at Manchester…


I roll out of bed – not too early for a Monday morning since I start at 10:30am.

I have plenty of time to make myself a cup of tea and review this week’s Anatomy work on the upper limb.


I pick up my PBL course book and ID badge and leave my flat, ready for the 20-minute walk up to Stopford building.


PBL starts. This week’s case is about a little boy with eczema, which is a fairly common illness so it should be a very interesting topic to research.

In this session, we all discussed aspects of the case that we wanted to find out more about and came up with a list of questions to answer over the following week.

PBL board


I pop into the shops on the way back to my flat and stock up on microwave pizzas. Quick, easy microwavable food is your friend when you’re a student.

I don’t need to buy myself lunch today because I have some sandwiches waiting for me in the fridge back at my flat. So, I head back…


Time to get some more Anatomy revision done before my session now! There’s so many muscles to learn!

Anatomy revision


Out again to brace the cold weather…this time to Anatomy! This week was the first time we began actually doing some dissection for ourselves as opposed to looking at the prosections.


Straight after Anatomy, I head to the bus stop, instead of heading back to halls like I usually do. This week I’ve decided to go home, as my GP placement tomorrow is closer from there.

I get myself a coffee and packet of Maltesers for what seemed like was going to be a very long journey at this busy time!



I iron my formal outfit for tomorrow’s placement and decide to have an early night.

Read more about Masumah’s Manchester experience on her own blog, Diary of a Med Student.

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