Advice for Manchester freshers from our bloggers

If you’re starting your degree at the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health at Manchester this September, welcome! Beginning life as a uni student can be a little daunting, but follow these nuggets of advice from our bloggers from the past year and you’ll be off to a great start…

Natasha WettonNatasha
BSc Speech and Language Therapy

“Don’t worry – uni seems intimidating at the start; there’s a lot to learn and get the hang of, but just stick at it! Keep trying your best and slowly but surely things will start to make sense.”

James HeinJames
BSc Physiology (international student)

“If someone asks you to go out, just go out. From my experience, when I have said no to going out a few times, people don’t ask again. If people think you’re not going to go, they just won’t ask you.

“For students struggling with English not being their first language, don’t be shy, just talk. Nobody will laugh at you!”

Oliver Chow

BSc Neuroscience

“Get involved with the diverse culture here: I like China Town; I really like eating there.

“The Thai restaurant by Upper Brook Street (Tai Pan) and the Curry Mile are both great for food. The city is so diverse.”

Alice ColtmanAlice
BSc Speech and Language Therapy

“I would just advise future students to grab every possible learning experience given to you on placement by your educators. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make mistakes – you are there to learn.”

BMidwif Midwifery

“If you’re a wee bit nervous about meeting new people on your first day when you move in, some Facebook groups can help you meet the people in your halls before you move in – it takes a bit of the anxiety away.”

Esther AiyelaagbeEsther
MBChB Medicine

“Remember that if you struggle sometimes, that’s okay!

“Everyone struggles now and again, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

Lauren DearnleyLauren
BNurs Adult Nursing

“Being on placement and having assignments to write can be a challenge. It is also important to remember to take time for yourself.

“Keeping on top of things, but enjoying your time as a student, is really important.”

Astynnia GanAstynnia
BSc Biomedical Sciences (international student)

“Enrich your university life with your passions, because what makes you an all-rounder is not just your grade, but the experiences that you take away from university life.

“The people you meet, the contacts you make, the skills you learn, the activities you do and the fun you have – all of them pay higher returns in both the present and the future than your textbooks ever will.”

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about life at Manchester, or your own tips for freshers starting at the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health.

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