A Day in the Life of an Audiology Student on Placement: Nafeesa

NafeesaNafeesa Khan is a Year 2 student on the BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology) course at Manchester.

Here, she takes us through a typical day on a placement on the course…


The day begins with me arriving at placement at 8:30am. Nafeesa2This gives me time to prepare for the patients and to carry out routine Stage A checks. These are tests to ensure all the equipment is working correctly.


The first patient arrives and a hearing test is carried out. This particular patient has severe hearing loss and would need to be fitted with a hard shell mould. To do this, an impression has to be taken of the ear, so the hearing aid will fit Nafeesa4comfortably.


The patient arrives at the drop-in service and requires a three-month service on the hearing aid. This consists of cleaning the hearing aid (removing any debris or wax that can clog up the hearing aid) and checking overall maintenance and functioning of the hearing aid.


The ENT Clinic is very fast-paced. This is where patients are seen one after another. Certain tests are carried out depending on what the ENT consultant has requested. This could range from carrying out hearing tests to tests that measure middle ear function.


After lunch, it’s time to help assist with patient de-wax. This is the less glamorous side where any wax that is blocking the ear drum is removed with a suction pipe. Wax is often the most Nafeesa7common cause of a temporary hearing loss, so the clinic can get quite busy.


To finish off the day, any ear moulds that need altering are modified on this machine. This is to provide a more comforting fit into the patient’s ear. After a long productive day, it’s home time! Time to relax and put my feet up.

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