A Day in the Life of an Audiology Student at University: Nafeesa

Nafeesa Khan is a Year 2 student on the BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology) course at Manchester. Here, she takes us through a typical day studying on the course…

Nafeesa 1.4

Studying audiology at the University is very exciting. Here, you get the best of both worlds, the one-to-one contact with lecturers at university and then placement during the rest of the week where you can really put all your learning into practice.Nafeesa 1.1


A typical day at university begins at 8:30am. I commute to university by public transport, so I have to get up extra early to avoid the early morning rush.


This is when the first lecture kicks off. Some of the core modules we take during second year consist of adult rehabilitation and basic anatomy of the ear. Nafeesa 1.2Lectures last between 1 and 3 hours. Because there are only 25 of us, lectures are the best way to really understand and grasp content due to them feeling more like an interactive discussion.


The next lecture starts. Lectures are usually dotted all around the university campus. You’re not always stuck in the same place, which is nice, as you are able to get a break between each one and get some fresh air. This just means that there is a lot of walking!

Nafeesa 1.312:00-2:00pm

It’s now lunch time. Manchester is perfect for trying a range of authentic foods and cuisines – we are often spoiled for choice in this cosmopolitan city.


The practical sessions are my favourite. Here, we’re divided into smaller groups to really get hands on and understand the content, so we can apply our knowledge when we get to placement.


My university day ends. However, I use this opportunity while I’m on campus to get ahead on extra reading, assignments and catch up on lecture notes. My ideal place for studying is Alan Gilbert Learning Commons; I love it because it’s open 24 hours a day, so there’s no time constraint on my learning.

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