A Week in the Life of a Midwifery Student: Phoebe-Jane

What is a typical week as a student on our Midwifery (BMidwif) course like? Current student Phoebe-Jane reveals what she gets up to over a week on the course.


Guided independent study today means the University has set me work to do from home. This flexibility means I can decide when to do it, and completing the work in the morning meant I got to go out for lunch and catch up with friends.



University today! I have lectures all day. It is also an opportunity to see all the other girls in the cohort; you form a strong bond with all of them as you go through the journey together. It’s a real sisterhood!



Out on placement today! Put my ugly shoes to the test – they are like slippers and everyone wears them. They truly are a godsend!



This week I’m doing two long day shifts instead of three shorter shifts, so I spent Thursday at the homebirth conference. Great day!



Back out on placement. It’s a beautiful thing when work and passion come together! It’s true what they say: love what you do and it doesn’t feel like work.



I have the weekend off, and watching football is one of my hobbies. I am a season ticket holder for City. Work-life balance is very important.



Family time this Sunday! Out for breakfast and spent time with my two dogs. Also had time for some midwifery reading and preparing for the week ahead.


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