A Day in the Life on an Audiology Placement

Year 2 BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology) student Asma reveals what she gets up to over the course of a day in clinic.

7:45 Time to start the day … in another 15 minutes.

8:00 Get ready for placement. Don’t forget my badge.

8:40 Arrived at placement early as all good students do! After I’ve had a catchup with my colleagues, I’ll check the timetable and set up for my clinic.

9am9:00 First patient is up. I’ll take their history, have a look in their ears, complete a hearing test, explain their results and agree on a management plan.

9:45 One patient done, four more to go this morning.


13:00 Set up for the drop-in repair clinic. 110This is always unpredictable so we have to prepare all the equipment that could be used, such as scissors, clippers, pliers, tubes, domes, wires and impression material.

13:10 First patient was a re-tube. I pulled the old tube out of the earmould and measured a new one up to the patient’s ear.

15:50 Last patient was feeling discomfort with his earmould, so I modified the earmould in the fume cupboard.

16:00 End of repair clinic.330 I clean the surfaces and tidy the room for the next day.

16:10 I check the student’s board to find odd jobs to carry out.

17:00 Time to leave and head home!

17:30 Just reached home and now I can relax, get some dinner and go to bed.

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