A Day in the Life of an Audiology Student

Year 2 BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology) student Asma reveals what she gets up to over the course of a day at the University.

9am7:00 Wake up and get ready for the day.

7:30 Set off from home to catch the tram to Manchester, and then the bus.

9:00 Arrived for the morning lecture. Get my book and pen out to start making notes

11:00 Lecture has finished. Time to head over to the common room to socialise with my friends.
11:30 Second lecture has started. Get the book and pen out and start making notes, asking the lecturer questions as I go along.

12:15 10-minute break.

13:30 End of lecture and time for Lunch!

14:00 Practical starts. I learn about programming hearing aids, and get familiar with the equipment.
15:15 Time for a 15-minute break!

15:30 Now we practice what we have learnt, and programme the hearing aids.

17:00 End of practical and time to go home.

18:30 Get some dinner, prepare my bag for the
next day and check if any work needs doing.


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